Andy Cabasso here.

I’m a startup founder, lawyer, speaker, sometimes startup mentor, former Guinness World Record-holder, and occasional wedding officiant.

I figured I should probably have a website in case you looked me up. Since you did, building this was probably a good idea!

Here are some upcoming / recent things I’m working on:

MicroConf Boston (Speaker)

September 22, 2021

“MicroConf Local brings the community and education MicroConf is known for to you. Focusing on early stage SaaS businesses, our speakers will cover marketing strategies, the opportunity of digital entrepreneurship in 2021, and more.”

Built to Sell (guest)

September 2021

“There’s lots to learn from Cabasso including how to:

  • Productize your service.
  • Avoid scope creep in service contracts.
  • Get paid when clients ghost you.
  • Get your employees to follow your Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Avoid being “catfished” by fake acquirers.
  • Vet potential acquirers.
  • Structure an earn-out to ensure you get at least part of your proceeds.”

One Big Tip (Guest)

September 2021

As someone who spent a decade in senior marketing Andy Cabasso is both a lawyer and the co-founder of an all-in-one platform for link building and digital PR outreach called Postaga. He first got involved with digital marketing when he saw a lack of marketing agencies that suited his needs – so he decided to start his own! Now he’s focused on delivering not only great content but also great customer service. That’s why his One Big Tip is all about perfecting your customer service procedures.

How I Built It (Guest)

September 2021

“Look. I get tons of backlinks and cold outreach every day. It’s frustrating and annoying. It’s frustrating and annoying because it’s blanket cold outreach. The people reaching out don’t know me and are just swinging wildly. There’s gotta be a better way, right? That’s what Andy Cabasso is here to talk about. How can YOU get effective with your cold outreach to grow your traffic and your business? It’s a great conversation. Plus in BSM we talk about domain authority.”

SEO Made Simple (Guest)

September 2021

“In this episode, I talk with Andy Cabasso about link building and specifically, about the skyscraper technique. Andy is the co-founder of Postaga, a link building outreach software that streamlines the process of prospecting and outreach for link opportunities. Andy has some great tips on how to get the best results…”

On this next section of the page, I list projects that I am working on:


Postaga is an all-in-one outreach platform that helps you more easily build links, get press coverage, and connect with potential customers and partners (funded by TinySeed, #1 on Product Hunt).


Offsprout is a website builder powered by WordPress, built specifically with web designers, freelancers, and agencies in mind.

Course: Link Building Outreach 101

This free course teaches you all the basics of doing outreach to help you better build links to your website so you can rank better in search and get more search traffic.

OK, so what’s next?

If you want to hear my voice – here are some podcasts I’ve been on.

If you want to read my writing – here are some recent articles.

If you want to get in touch for any reason – go here.

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